Busting Africa’s Crowdfunding Record

You could win a R1000 Thursdays voucher!

August is Women’s Month, and we thought we would celebrate by breaking new ground and overtaking Africa’s record for the most successful rewards based campaign.

Crowdfunding is a new-age source of funding a business or a project, but instead of having one source of finance (a bank or an investor), you have multiple (your community). With rewards-based crowdfunding, the entrepreneur states her business case, and offers several rewards in exchange for financial backing. The rewards are structured at different tiers, allowing people from all financial backgrounds to invest in a campaign they believe in.

We are proactively trying to revive the South African lingerie industry by designing and manufacturing all our products locally. This is a costly business, especially for a start up! We have successfully trained a team of women from Mitchell’s Plain, Cape Town, South Africa to make our first lingerie collection, and we couldn’t be happier with the results! We are now looking to expand our size range, and create more designs, because busty girls deserve options too!

Milestone 1: Expand our size range to a G cup
Milestone 2: Expand our size range to a K cup
Milestone 3: Create a maternity wear collection
Milestone 4: Create a swimwear collection
Milestone 5: Design functional sports bras

The beauty of crowdfunding is that it is risk free! When you submit your pledge, your money goes into a holding account by the crowdfunding platform. Only once we have reached our tipping point goal (meaning that we are able to pay for the campaign and afford our first milestone) do we receive your money, and in return, you get an awesome reward of your choice! Please note that all rewards are taken as pre-orders, meaning that the manufacturing process to make them only happens on completion of the campaign. You may have to wait up to 3 months to receive your reward, but it’s totally worth it and the feel good factor of helping us grow is immediate!

  1. Visit the www.thundafund.com (from 1 August) and look for Thursdays Thundaboobs
  2. Select your favourite reward
  3. Pledge your donation
  4. Share our campaign with your friends
  5. Wait until mid-September to see if you have helped us achieve our goal

Sign up for our announcements here (you could win a R1000 Thursdays voucher) and get the first look at our rewards.

Everyone who backs our campaign will receive a free ebook on How-To-Crowdfund based on our strategy and learnings from the campaign, including special offers to help you with your own campaign from our campaign partners.

You could win a R1000 Thursdays voucher!


Crowdfunding: Using Social Media to Raise Money for Your Startup

Thursday, August 1, 2019, 6:00 PM 8:30 PM.
Workshop17, 32 Kloof Street Cape Town, WC, 8001 South Africa

Speakers: Verity Price, Shona Macdonald, Herman Singh
Tickets: R175.00 P/P

Heavy Chef

In a country like South Africa, brimming with opportunity and creative talent, where traditional sources of finance are difficult to secure, crowdfunding should be a top-of-mind platform, but it’s not. We are trying to change that.



Thank you to our awesome sponsors who have come together to help us achieve our crowdfunding goals

Kiff Kombi Tours
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Heavy Chef
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