A little bit about us

We support boobs! Thursdays designs and manufactures lingerie and swimwear for girls C cup and up. So, toss away your granny-bras and frumpy swimwear, because we are bringing you beautiful swimwear and lingerie at affordable prices. With sizes ranging from C cups to F cups, Thursdays Lingerie and Swimwear is designed with support front of mind. Did you know that, in South Africa, over 1.5 million women wear bras that are over a C cup in size? Unfortunately, most of these women are not properly supported, in any sense of the word!

What sets Thursdays apart?

Having big boobs ourselves we understand the struggle is real! We wanted to play an active role in creating a solution, as no woman deserves to feel less about herself just because she doesn’t fit into the general mould. In fact, we love our quirks and celebrate them, hoping to inspire the same with our girls. Every size we make is fit-tested on a real woman from our community, ensuring that we are delivering the proper support and comfort for every shape. Guess what? Our bras are flipping gorgeous too! Who said you can’t be both functional and fashionable?!

Why Thursdays?

Pretty simple, Thursdays was started on a Thursday. We didn’t want to be a clichéd lingerie and swimwear brand, as feeling beautiful is subjective. We want our girls to determine what that means for themselves.