Thursdays and BUZZMEE “come” together…

Thursdays Lingerie & Swimwear and BUZZMEE are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership, selling BUZZMEE pleasure toys on the Thursdays Lingerie website and destigmatising female pleasure by opening up the conversation about sex and sexuality in a safe environment.

For too long female pleasure has been a hushed subject, one that many women, even well into adulthood feel uncomfortable speaking about. When BUZZMEE approached Thursdays founder and CEO Shona Macdonald to talk about a collaboration, Shona admitted to being a “shy woman” when it comes to exploring her own sexuality. “Most people assume because of my extroverted nature and the fact that I own a lingerie brand that I’m sexually liberated. The truth is I can get very awkward when the topic of sex arises and it’s something that I have only been comfortable to explore when I’m in a committed relationship”, said Shona. “When BUZZMEE first approached me, my interest was spiked. Their approach to sexual health and wellness was somewhat different to what I’m used to.” Like Thursdays, BUZZMEE is all about self-discovery, self-love, and connection. They are on a mission to empower people on their personal journeys and to build a judgement-free community of like-minded beings. BUZZMEE is all for helping people get more in touch with themselves and connecting to others through physical, mental, and emotional exploration – all of which they believe can be heightened, deepened, and supported by quality, body-safe adult pleasure toys.

There is a natural synchronicity between the two brands. Thursdays supports women C cup and up and has always strived for women to develop a positive relationship with their bodies and to see themselves through the eyes of their best friend. As a lingerie brand, they have always connected with women on an intimate level and a collaboration with a brand like BUZZMEE, who aligns strongly with the Thursdays’ values is a natural next step in the journey of self-exploration.

“Not only is sexual pleasure and intimate play completely natural, it’s an essential part of your body’s stress relief system and a fun way to release feel good hormones”, says Dalit, Head of Partnerships for BUZZMEE. “We warmly welcome you to our judgement-free space all about sexual well-being, new and euphoric experiences and of course, your personal journey with intimacy. We believe that informed curiosity and guided exploration deepens your mental, physical and emotional connection to yourself and others. We’re here to empower you to embrace your sensuality, nurture your self-worth and ultimately reach your sexual liberation, while tapping into the benefits that healthy, satisfying sensual pleasure can bring to other areas of your life”.

BUZZMEE offers a refined collection of considered quality adult toys and accessories which are now available on We have put together a collection of luxury products to lead you on a deserved journey of sensual pleasure, self-celebration and exploration’

BUZZMEE and Thursdays filmed a series of short videos which dive into the exploration of female sexuality and self-play. The videos touch on subjects about why we’ve collaborated, how to open up the conversation about exploring pleasure with your loved ones or partner, where to find information to educate yourself about sex and sensual pleasure and how each toy works. “Filming these videos was surprisingly a lot of fun! I have always been intimidated by adult shops because I have no idea what each of the toys do. BUZZMEE was able to answer all of my questions and by the end of the shoot I felt liberated! It is an empowering feeling. I now feel more connected to myself and my femininity than I have in a long time. I’m extremely grateful for this partnership and really excited to share the journey with the Thursdays community”, said Shona. You can view these videos as they are uploaded on both the Thursdays and BUZZMEE social pages including Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

Our advice to you is to start where you are comfortable, the beauty is that this is an adventure that never ends. There will always be more to discover about yourself and those you choose to explore with. Each one of us is different, but we all deserve wellness and to feel good in our own skin. BUZZMEE exists to empower you on your personal journey as well as to provide a community of like-minded beings.