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How I Used My Big Boobs to Launch a Successful Business

Shona Macdonald, simply, had big boobs. As a result, she had backache, and ill-fitting bras were constantly cutting into her flesh. Shopping for lingerie and swimwear felt like the world’s most depressing task. That’s what inspired her to create lingerie and swimwear for girls C-cup and up, while she was studying a B.Com in Entrepreneurship. She wanted to illustrate that quality products should be worn on a daily basis, and not just saved for special occasions, and so her brand, Thursdays, was launched.

Thursdays tops and bottoms are available as separates through boutiquestores nationwide (check the website for stockists), and will be available on the online store from September. Shona is also the Breakfast Show host on Lucky Radio (follow @thursdaysza).


On challenges…

I wanted to keep our products as affordable as possible, and I wanted to keep the production local, to make a meaningful difference through sustainable business development in South Africa. I also wanted a high-quality standard that rivals that of imported products. This has been a major challenge, as there are few people who have these specialised skills and experience to sew competently around an underwire. I sought the help of establishments like the Clothing and Textile Association of SA to help me put together a quality team. I have also on-boarded my suppliers so they understand the vision behind the Thursdays brand, and I’m using this to negotiate the best possible terms.

On lessons learnt…

I can do anything I set my mind to. I am not a trained fashion designer nor a radio presenter. I didn’t dream of going into fashion when I was growing up. I identified a problem that I was personally affected by, and I decided to do something about it. In life, there are all these perceived barriers, but when you actually go after what you want, you realise that most of those were in your mind. The real barriers only show themselves later, and you can always move past them.

On advice for other businesswomen…

It is difficult to build an empire alone, so use your networks and join an incubation programme! You will be surprised how many people you are surrounded with who are more than happy to help you. I truly believe that people are innately good, so use that. Just remember to return the favour when someone asks you for your help.