Trash to Treasure!

Festival wings made from fabric offcuts that otherwise would go to waste!

Sustainable to our core!

Welcome to Thursdays where purposeful design meets comfort.

Our mission extends beyond fashion; we’re revitalizing South Africa’s underwear industry by empowering local women with skills. We cater to underserved niches, caring for those who’ve felt overlooked.

Our vision is grand, but we’re growing strategically. We carry curated, made-to-fit stock while crafting the rest on demand, fostering a connection with our customers. By sharing your measurements, you help us pioneer body-shaped designs.

We’re committed to longevity by providing a repair service for key elements such as straps, underwires, and hooks and eyes. Every detail matters, ensuring your pieces endure. Waste material doesn’t go to waste – we collect and transform it into playful and one-of-a-kind creations, embodying our dedication to both style and sustainability.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Every purchase, every conversation, and every shared experience brings us one step closer to our dream of making every day feel like a Thursday – a day to celebrate yourself, just as you are.